On show: Low Tide at Newton Ferrers

The Beacon House Gallery is closed for refurbishment until next spring, and the Salcombe Art Club exhibition space is now being used for classes, but you can still see my original paintings on show in various galleries in the South Hams.

One such opportunity is at The Gallery Project, in Noss Mayo. This light, contemporary space provides the perfect setting to showcase art and craft from South Devon and is open now, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11am until 5pm, until 23 December.

Maxine, who runs the Gallery Project has several of my originals on show, and one of those is Low Tide at Newton Ferrers.


I live in Salcombe. What am I doing, painting scenes of Newton Ferrers?

It was probably in the late 1960s that I was introduced to the two villages of Newton Ferrers and Noss Mayo. I spent many happy holidays there and still have friends living there.

The Ship Inn (and other venues) offer excellent food with wonderful views. So, it’s a treat to venture away from Salcombe now and then and to enjoy such picturesque scenes.

Last summer, Anne and I, on two separate occasions, took house guests in that direction. Once I start taking photos, it’s not long before I’m compelled to start painting … and those two visits explain the recent crop of paintings of Noss Mayo and Newton Ferrers.


Why paint the boathouse?

Low Tide at Newton Ferrers depicts a prominent luxury boathouse as viewed from Noss Mayo. Its setting is idyllic!

Beyond the boathouse, we can see the tops of masts and sails of crafts finding their moorings in the river Yealm.

Better to ask why not paint the boathouse?


Where is The Gallery Project, in Noss Mayo?

The Gallery Project is in The Revelstoke Room, next to the Village Hall

Post code: PL8 1EN

Tel: 01752 873150

SNAP! Mist at Calstock Viaduct

Inevitably, in the winter time, poor weather forces me to delve into my stock of inspirational photographs and I usually restrict myself to my own snaps. Not so, in the case of Mist at Calstock Viaduct.

During one of our regular catch-ups over lunch, a dear friend (who will remain nameless!) related a story of a boat expedition on the Tamar and drew my attention to the beautiful sight which he and his wife had witnessed – and photographed: a superb misty dawn while they moored up alongside Calstock Viaduct.

I loved the image and, with my friend’s permission, I took the opportunity of interpreting the scene.

Painting a watercolour of the Mist at Calstock Viaduct – and capturing the atmosphere – was hard work. Not one to give up, and since I enjoy the challenge of putting aside say watercolour or oil and, instead, seeing how acrylics respond to an image, I produced another artwork and was much happier with the acrylic version of this wonderful structure.

For the joy of painting this image, I have both my photographer friend to thank, and Brunel the engineer, who designed the viaduct.

Dawn at South Pool Creek

SOLD! Dawn at South Pool Creek

Dawn at South Pool Creek is an acrylic painting of the early morning view from my studio in Beacon House.

The tall ship is a sail trainer which I believe is called Leader. It is often moored at ‘Crossways’ in the Salcombe Estuary.


Sold! To visitors to Salcombe

Dawn at South Pool Creek was sold recently to visitors from Switzerland and, I’m told, it will grace the walls of their holiday home in the south of France – or maybe cover up a damp patch!


My art: Far from home?

Without giving away the precise location of the new home for Dawn at South Pool Creek, I can reveal it is 945 miles away from Beacon House. By ferry and car, it would take about 20 hours to reach the destination.

I wonder which of my paintings is on display the furthest from Salcombe. If you own one, and it’s more than 945 miles away, let’s put it on the map.


A 50% deposit secures any painting

If you see a painting on my website that you like, but want to see it ‘in the flesh’ before committing yourself to buying it, that’s not a problem. A refundable 50% deposit secures a painting until you are able to visit Salcombe to see it for yourself.



It’s sale time! For the month of November: £50 off any painting – that’s a third off those currently priced at £150.



Work is due to start soon to provide wheelchair access to Beacon House, so all my artwork will be taken down and packaged for the duration of the works.



We hope the refurbishment will be complete in time for re-opening at Easter 2017.

Meanwhile, if you would like to buy a painting at a reduced price, contact me here.