And the show goes on!

My one-man show in the Little Studio, at the Loft Gallery Salcombe, started Sunday 29 May and was supposed to end on Saturday 4 June. But the next artist was unable to show, so I am still there – until Saturday 18 June.

I have space to display a dozen paintings: watercolours, acrylics and oil paintings. For the original line up of paintings, click here to see the blog posting of 23 May. One, Low Tide at East Portlemouth, has sold already.

089 Low tide at East Portlemouth 72dpiSQUARE

This has been replaced by Dawn at New Bridge.

075 Dawn at New Bridge150072dpi


Where is the Loft Gallery?

The Loft Gallery is situated behind the Fortescue Inn, and above a popular shoe shop, on a delightful footpath called Victoria Quay, which overlooks one of the best views in the UK including the mooring berth of the RNLI lifeboat Baltic Exchange III.


When will I be there to greet you?

I will be stewarding at the Loft Gallery on Tuesday 14 June from 2pm until 5pm and then again Saturday 18 June from 2pm until 5pm. I hope to see you there!


Can’t afford to buy my paintings!

Nearly all of the images on sale in my one-man exhibition are also available as fine art greetings cards. Only a short distance from the Loft Gallery, you have the choice of buying these ‘man cards’ at Bonningtons, the newsagents, or at Salcombe Information Centre.

Sketchbook Notes: Dawn at New Bridge

To replace the painting sold yesterday in my one-man exhibition in the Little Studio at the Loft Gallery, I’ve chosen Dawn at New Bridge.


What made me paint ‘Dawn at New Bridge’?

For a year, Anne and I rented a stunning house at Bickerton. It belonged to an artist and her husband and, for those twelve months, I worked in the best studio conditions I’ll ever have, for sure.

Work was being done on our Salcombe flat, ahead of putting it on the market, and we spent three years renting various houses in the South Hams. We learnt a lot about the type of house we might eventually want to buy!

During that particular tenancy, I would often drive from Bickerton back to Salcombe and, crossing New Bridge,  Bowcombe, I would enjoy the view across the estuary.

077 Safe mooring150072dpiOne particular morning, there was a mist, slowly clearing. I felt compelled to stop the car and, reaching for my camera, I captured this magical moment. I especially admired the reflections in the pink water.

Dawn at New Bridge was one of a number of studies that resulted from that pitstop.

Safe Mooring (shown left) was sold to friends who live back in Surrey, when they visited us for our eventual house warming party at Beacon House in 2013.

At that same party, the owner of the boat featured was also identified …

Do you like pink?095 New day at Newbridge72dpiRESIZEDSquare

If you like the ‘pink’ of these paintings, you might also like New Day at New Bridge, the original of which was sold at Avon Mill. However, the image is still available as a fine art greetings card.



This is one of the Sketchbook Notes, a series of posts explaining what inspired me to produce a particular painting.

If you own one of my paintings, or are just curious about an image, let me know; I’ll then write a blog post especially for you!

SOLD! Low Tide at East Portlemouth

It’s a pleasure to make a sale when stewarding, made even more rewarding when it’s one of your own paintings.

Yesterday, one visitor to Salcombe Art Club – a regular visitor to Salcombe – bought two paintings, one in the morning and one on my watch in the afternoon. She was seeking gifts for her family and solved her challenge by selecting paintings which reminded her of her happy times in our town.


What inspired me to paint Low Tide at East Portlemouth?

Until recently, Anne and I lived in a flat, my ‘holiday flat’ in Great Gates, and our view was across the estuary to the East Portlemouth side. With each new day, we’d take our morning coffee on the balcony, drinking in this wondrous sight.

In those days, it was so hard to drag myself off to the studio, a back room with no view at all, to get on with the latest project. In my new studio, I have a stunning view, which can be somewhat distracting … I am sure both situations evoke no sympathy in you, my reader!


And now?

Now, having sold this painting, I’ll be deciding which of my current stock of paintings to take down with me today to fill that gap. Watch this space!