Batson views

In my one-man show in the Little Studio of the Loft Gallery, three images of Batson will be on display.

094 Ebb tide at Batson72dpiResizedAs you walk the short distance from Salcombe to Batson, you’ll see the view that inspired me to try to capture this idyllic setting.  Ebb Tide at Batson Creek leaves moored craft on the mud bathed in warm sunlight near an old boat house sheltered by trees. Isn’t it beautiful?

096 Reflections at Batson72dpiRESIZEDSquareAt the top of Batson Creek, a collection of thatched cottages delight the eye. They sit around a triangle of grass complete with its old-fashioned telephone box. (At least, the phone box was there, the last time I visited!) The reflections of these cottages in the water only serve to enhance the tranquility of the scene, and this inspired me to paint Reflections at Batson.

If you continue to walk, up and around to the right, towards Snapes Manor, you’ll discover a small beach. Dappled Light III (the featured image far above) shows a stranded boat under the shadow of trees waiting for another tide while the sunlight leaks through the canopy above, creating dappled patterns on both the beach and the boat.

I produced three versions of Dappled Light: a watercolour, an acrylic and this one in oil. Each presented different challenges. The other two are sold already, although Dappled Light I is available as a fine art greetings card, as are Reflections at Batson, and Ebb Tide at Batson Creek.

If you visit the show, and like these paintings but can’t afford the originals, the cards are on sale nearby: at Bonningtons, the newsagents, and at the Salcombe Information Centre, and elsewhere too.


When is the show?

My week at the Little Studio in the Loft Gallery is from Sunday 29 May until Saturday 4 June. The Loft Gallery, the home of Salcombe Art Club, is open from 11am until 5pm each day.


Where is the Loft Gallery?

The Loft Gallery is situated behind the Fortescue Inn, and above a popular shoe shop, on a delightful footpath called Victoria Quay, which overlooks one of the best views in the UK including the mooring berth of the RNLI lifeboat Baltic Exchange III.


When will I be there to greet you?

I will be stewarding at the Loft Gallery all day on Sunday 29 May and from 2pm on Saturday 4 June. I hope you see you there!

Baltic Exchange III

Stewarding at The Loft Gallery: 11am-5pm Tuesday 10 May 2016

Tomorrow, Tuesday 10 May, I’ll be stewarding at the Loft Gallery from 11am until 5pm.

If you expect to be in Salcombe then, please drop by and say hello!


Where is the Loft Gallery?

The Loft Gallery is situated behind the Fortescue Inn, and above a popular shoe shop, on a delightful footpath called Victoria Quay, which overlooks one of the best views in the UK including the mooring berth of the RNLI lifeboat Baltic Exchange III.


What is the Loft Gallery?

The Loft Gallery is the home of Salcombe Art Club and, every year since 1960, the Summer Exhibition opens at Easter and continues until the end of September.

An incredible number of visitors climb the 15 steps to view the exhibition, and more than 200 paintings are expected to be sold during the summer months. A percentage of the proceeds of each sale goes to the Art Club funds and, after expenses have been met, the club donates amounts to local charities. So, buying a painting benefits the artist, the club and the town – and provides a beautiful reminder of a visit to Salcombe. Prices range from £1 for a postcard up to £1000 – and the club now has the facility to accept payments by card, rather than ‘cash only’ as had been the practice for many years.

In the winter months, the Loft Gallery reverts to being a working studio with a full programme of workshops and classes for its members.


Who can join Salcombe Art Club?

Salcombe Art Club comprises a mix of artists: some professional artists such as those who teach our classes but also many amateurs and some very new to drawing/painting. Everyone is welcome!

Membership of Salcombe Art Cub is not limited to those living in Salcombe. Anyone within striking distance is welcome to apply for membership, but it makes most sense for those who live near enough so as to benefit from the classes in the winter, and – if they intend to become exhibiting members – to fulfil their stewarding obligations during the summer.

Step 1 is to enrol as a Lay Member – that’s the first rung of the ladder! Then Salcombe Art club has three categories of membership.

  • Lay members (for a subscription of £12 per annum) may take part in workshops, courses and social activities and generally assist in supporting the club but may not exhibit, nor vote at the AGM.
  • Associate members (for a subscription of £17 per annum) may take part in most club activities including exhibiting in the Little Studio section (but not the main gallery) of the Annual Summer Exhibition.
  • Full members (for a subscription of £27 per annum) may take part in all club activities and exhibit their works in the Annual Summer Exhibition when they are required to carry out their share of stewarding duties.
Who exhibits at the Loft Gallery?

Stewarding with two imagesEssentially, exhibiting is limited to the associate and full members of Salcombe Art Club. Full members are invited to display up to five of their works in the Summer Exhibition. This is me with some of mine:

Full – and associate – members may also book a week or more in the Little Studio. My one-man show commences on 28 May. In the Little Studio also, our teachers exhibit material of works produced by the various class groups; this inspires other club members to enrol for classes during the winter months.


How do you progress from Lay member so that you can exhibit your art at the Loft Gallery?

The selection panel meet annually (usually in February) to select from Lay members who wish to become Associate of Full members. The usual progression is to become an Associate member for a year and then on to Full membership the following year. Sometimes, the panel may decide to admit a member straight to Full membership.

For more information about Salcombe Art Club, visit their website.


Featured image: Baltic Exchange III

The original of Baltic Exchange III was sold to a Japanese visitor to the Loft Gallery in 2010. It is available as a limited edition print and is very popular as a fine art greetings card, on sale at Bonningtons (the newsagents) and Salcombe Information Centre (both a short walk from the Loft Studio), and also at Salcombe Yacht Club, and Malborough Post Office, and at the Gallery Project at Avon Mill, or direct from Beacon House Gallery.

South Pool Sunrise

Sketchbook Notes: South Pool Sunrise

This is the view from my studio and it often ruins my concentration, not just with its beauty but also by the speed it changes through the day.

Indeed, the new day’s light arrives so very fast, I have to use my camera to capture the evolving intensity of light and shade that play around this arena we call an estuary. There is no time to sketch it!

So, this is my original photo:


You can see how I folded the printed page to create a square shape. Anne has encouraged me to think ‘square’ as this makes it so much easier for her when the time comes for us to select the next batch of designs for my range of fine art greetings cards!

Comparing this photo with the finished painting, I lightened the whole image, choosing colours which brought it to life: awakened it, literally. I found oil paints a delight when it came to blending the bursting sunshine dissolving an early morning mist.

The rising sun is Titanium White. The early morning mist and its reflections are largely blended Naples Yellow, minute dabs of Lemon Yellow Hue, plus Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Orange, all lightened with Titanium White. A pale shade of Alizarin Crimson has been applied to warm the distant far-off parts of the estuary, together with a hint of Mauve Blue Shade to mark the hillside.


Where can you see this painting?

South Pool Sunrise is on display at Salcombe Art Club in the Main Exhibition, along with four more of my paintings: Hope Cove, Merlins, Scoble Point Moorings, and Splosh of Frogmore.

The Exhibition is open every day from 11am until 5pm, until 24 September.

I will be at the Exhibition, stewarding, on these dates: 10 May (11am-5pm), 24 May (2-5pm), 14 June (2-5pm), 12 July (2-5pm), 9 August (2-5pm), and 20 September (11am-2pm).

If you are in Salcombe this summer, why not drop in?


The Sketchbook Notes series

This is one of the Sketchbook Notes, a series of posts explaining what inspired me to produce a particular painting.

If you own one of my paintings or are just curious about an image, let me know; I’ll then write a blog post especially for you!