One-man exhibition: Little Studio at the Loft Gallery

As a full member of Salcombe Art Club, I have the option to exhibit in the corner of the Loft Gallery that some of us still call the Little Studio.

This year, I have two consecutive weeks: 28 July until 11 August.

Fifteen original paintings … on three ‘walls’.


On the ‘left’ wall

Seagulls in the Spray


16 x 20



Burgh Island from Hope Cove


15 x 15


Also available as a fine art greetings card


Low Tide at Fishermans Cove


15 x 15


Also available as a fine art greetings card


Affordable Art

I am not permitted to sell my cards at the Loft Studio, but they are available within walking distance.

  • Bonningtons, the newsagents
  • Salcombe Information centre


On the ‘middle’ wall (top to bottom and then left to right)

Salcombe Yacht Club Christmas Camellias

Acrylic 15 x 15 £500

Scoble Point Moorings

Oil 19 x 19 £450

Gullet Plantation

Oil 15 x 15 £450


Acrylic 16 x 12 £250

Dappled Light III

Oil 12 x 16 £350


Acrylic 12 x 16 £275

Hope Cove

Oil 15 x 15.5 £450

South Pool Sunrise

Oil 50cm x 49cm £450

Newton Ferrers from Noss Mayo

Acrylic 15 x 15 £400


Then, on the ‘right’ wall

Salcombe Dawn II


16 x 20



Merlins Crossing the Bar


20 x 16



Torcross Wave


14 x 18




I will be stewarding on three occasions:

  • Saturday 4 August 2-5pm
  • Sunday 5 August 11am-5pm
  • Saturday 11 August 2-5pm


Pop in and say hello!



One-man exhibition 13-26 August in the Little Studio at the Loft Gallery, Salcombe

My one-man exhibition  in the Little Studio at the Loft Gallery, Salcombe continues until Saturday 26 August.

I’ve space to show a wide range of my art in this one-man exhibition: watercolours, acrylics and oils. Fifteen paintings in all.

In the image below, you can see 12 of them.

2017 Little Studio one-man exhibition

Top row: (left to right) Gullet Plantation, Deliah, Salcombe Yacht Club’s Christmas Camellias, Torcross Wave

Middle row: (left to right) Scoble Point Moorings, Harvest Reaper II, Hope Cove, Dappled Light III

Bottom row: (left to right) Burgh Island from Hope Cove, At Ditch End, South Pool Sunrise, Tranquility

For those keen on a particular medium, these are the oils: Gullet Plantation,  Scoble Point MooringsHarvest Reaper IIHope CoveDappled Light IIIAt Ditch End, and South Pool Sunrise.

The rest shown here are acrylics.



The Loft Gallery is situated behind the Fortescue Inn, and above a popular shoe shop, on a delightful footpath called Victoria Quay, which overlooks one of the best views in the UK including the mooring berth of the RNLI lifeboat Baltic Exchange III.



Out of 135 completed paintings to date, 59 of these are available as fine art greetings cards.

My cards are stocked at Bonningtons (the newsagents) and Salcombe Information Centre (both a short walk from the Loft Studio). Further afield, my cards are stocked by Malborough Post Office – they offer the entire range – The Gallery Project at Avon Mill and at Noss Mayo, and in Bloomers, the florist in Kingsbridge.

Just think: for less than 1% of the sales price of an original painting, you can invest in a fine art greetings card. Send it to a friend or frame it for yourself.

Supporting Salcombe Town Regatta

Salcombe Town Regatta is an annual fund-raising event and many local charities rely on the success of this week-long fun-filled entertainment to refill the coffers.

It’s timed to coincide with one of the busiest periods in the town. Almost all the holiday homes will be occupied and local campsites too. It’s also the time when residents find friends and family want to visit us.

There’s a packed programme of events for all ages. We look forward especially to the firework display on Thursday 10 August, when we’ll be dining in the Chart room of the Salcombe Yacht Club, among friends from the Salcombe Players Amateur Dramatic group, and marvelling at the sky, full of lights as in the featured image above.


How am I supporting Salcombe Town Regatta?

To support Salcombe Town Regatta, I will be setting up shop (gazebo!) in Island Street on Sunday 6 August, and in Whitestrand on Monday 7 August, selling my fine art greetings cards.

There will all 59 designs on sale, selected from the 135 original paintings I’ve completed in the past decade. Nearly all of them show local scenes that I love.


Why am I supporting Salcombe Town Regatta?

I’ve been visiting Salcombe since I was 9. My parent brought me across from EastPortlemouth and I immediately loved Salcombe as a holiday venue.

For decades I visited Salcombe, staying in rented accommodation and hotels and I dreamt of retiring in Salcombe. Eventually, I became a second-home owner, buying a lock and go flat at Great Gates, in 1997. Then, in 2006, I moved to Salcombe permanently. The flat proved too small as a permanent residence and Anne and I now live in our forever home at the top of Bonfire Hill, looking down over the church and across the ria to the hills beyond.

So, why am I supporting Salcombe Town Regatta? Because Salcombe is now my home …


Such stunning views – perfect for an artist…

The view from the flat in Great Gates was of the beaches: Fishermans Cove, Smalls Beach and Mill Bay.

Low Tide at Fisherman's Cove at Salcombe Town Regatta

Low Tide at Fisherman’s Cove

Baltic Exchange III at Salcombe Town Regatta

Baltic Exchange III

Tranquility at Salcombe town Regatta


The view from Beacon House is also stunning! Sunrise or sunset, the rise and fall of the tide provides an ever-changing vista.

South Pool Sunrise at Salcombe Town Regatta

South Pool Sunrise

Dawn at South Pool Creek at Salcombe Town Regatta

Dawn at South Pool Creek

Gullet Plantation at Salcombe Town Regatta

Gullet Plantation

Affordable art in support of Salcombe Town Regatta

All of these images – and many many more depicting your favourite views of Salcombe – are available as fine art greetings cards. They will be on sale – £2 each, 3 for a fiver – in support of Salcombe Town Regatta on Sunday and Monday.

I look forward to meeting you at Salcombe Town Regatta, and am praying for fine weather!

For more information about the Salcombe Town Regatta, visit their Facebook page.

Fine Art Greetings Cards – New Designs!

Malborough Post Office – featured above – stocks the complete range of my fine art greetings cards and, from today, also has on display the seven new designs, just launched.


Gullet Plantation


Low Tide at Fishermans Cove

Burgh Island from Hope Cove

Burgh Island from Hope Cove

Newton Ferrers from Noss Mayo

Newton Ferrers from Noss Mayo

The Quay at Newton Ferrers

The Quay at Newton Ferrers

High Tide at Kingsbridge

High Tide at Kingsbridge


Salcombe Yacht Club’s Christmas Camellias


Are the originals for sale?

Yes! For more information on each original painting, all of which are available for sale, click on these links:


Affordable art

59 of my 135 original paintings are available as a fine art greetings card.

Just think: for less than 1% of the sales price of an original, you can invest in a fine art greetings card. Send it to a friend or frame it for yourself. Whistlefish sell frames that fit … about £10 each.


Fine ART Greeting cards: Stockists

Malborough Post Office stocks all 59 designs, and selections of my cards are available at Bonningtons (the newsagents in Salcombe), Salcombe Information Centre, Salcombe Yacht Club, The Gallery Project at Avon Mill and at Noss Mayo, and in Bloomers (the florist in Kingsbridge).

If you would like to stock my cards, please click here to contact me.

Gullet Plantation

SHAF preview: Gullet plantation

The SHAF Arts Trail is the final event of the year for me as an artist. It’s one of just two opportunities for the public to view my work in my own home, and to see me at work, albeit in a makeshift studio in my lounge.


Gullet Plantation

Gullet Plantation is one of five new works which will be on display – and on sale! – during the SHAF Arts Trail.

It shows the view from my studio and is named after the wood in the centre of the picture.


What is the SHAF Trail?

SHAF brochureThe SHAF Trail is an annual event organised by the South Hams Art Forum in which local artists open their homes, allowing visitors to see for themselves how we work, and to talk one-on-one with the artists.

Brochures giving a complete list of all the artists taking part in the SHAF Trail are available at a number of places: Salcombe Information Centre, Bonningtons the newsagents, Spar (Loring Road), Salcombe Yacht Club, …



Beacon House Gallery will be open for visitors as follows:

  • Saturday 15 October: 10am-5pm
  • Sunday 16 October: 10am-5pm
  • Monday 17 October: 11am-3pm
  • Tuesday 18 October: CLOSED
  • Wednesday 19 October: 11am-3pm
  • Thursday 20 October: 11am-3pm
  • Friday 21 October: 11am-3pm
  • Saturday 22 October: 10am-5pm
  • Sunday 23 October: 10am-5pm



Beacon House Gallery is within my home – the hall, stairs and landing, no less. It’s not normally open to the public, except by prior arrangement. However, for the SHAF Trail, we welcome visitors during ‘opening hours’ as listed above. You don’t need to book ahead. Just turn up and you will be made very welcome.



As you approach Salcombe, there will be yellow posters with arrows pointing the way to Beacon House.

You could park in the park’n’walk at the top of Bonfire Hill and walk down. There might be parking spaces in Bonfire Hill alongside the allotments, or you could park on our private drive at the end of the shared drive. (Please do not park on the shared drive.)

We do not currently have access for disabled visitors – but we are having alterations made to the house over this winter so for next year’s SHAF Trail we will be able to welcome wheelchair users.

We look forward to your visit!

Preview evening: Friday 14 October 5-8pm

Date for your diary: Friday 14 October – the SHAF Preview Evening at Beacon House Gallery – 5-8pm


SHAF (South Hams Arts Forum) Trail 15-23 October

The SHAF Trail is the final event in my artist’s calendar, and we like to start it with a Preview Evening. On show will be my latest creations:

  • The Quay at Newton Ferrers
  • Newton Ferres from Noss Mayo
  • Burgh Island from Hope Cove
  • Low Tide at Fishermans Cove
  • Gullet Plantation


Today, I have travelled to Plymouth to have this latest crop of paintings photographed / digitally scanned ahead of the SHAF Trail – and the race now is to varnish, mount, and frame these in time.


Where do I have my paintings photographed?

I recommend Bretonside Copy. They have photographed more than 100 of my original paintings.

I deliver my paintings first thing, then spend time in Plymouth shopping, and return later to check the colour matching. The high-quality images are supplied electronically, so we can then produce fine art greetings card and prints as required.


Who do I go to for mounts and framing?

I recommend Jeremy Smith at Creek Framing. Jeremy will be very busy in the run-up to SHAF and, fingers crossed, he’ll be able to get mine done in time.


How do you get an invite to the SHAF Preview Evening at Beacon House Gallery?

Email me at