SOLD! Shifting Sands at Burgh Island I

Burgh Island is a popular destination and Shifting Sands at Burgh Island I is one of many paintings in my collection which incorporate this iconic view.

This particular painting is an acrylic. And it’s now sold, on Day 1 of the SHAF Arts Trail.

The purchaser has kindly agreed to leave the painting with me so it can be enjoyed by those visiting us during the Arts Trail, and number 120 now has a red dot on it to make sure I don’t sell it again …


What’s the SHAF Arts Trail?

Shifting Sands at Burgh Island I at SHAF 2017This year, the SHAF Arts Trail runs for two whole weeks, including half-term week, until October 29th

The South Hams Arts Forum (SHAF) is a lively, actively engaged association of artists and craftspeople from across the region.

SHAF membership is extremely diverse, so while some artists create in purpose-built studios, others produce their work at the kitchen table. Consequently, the Arts Trail will lead visitors to some artists working in their home studios – as is the case for me – and to others exhibiting in galleries and exhibition halls.

At each venue, visitors will find artists happy to discuss their art-form, explain the processes involved and provide the opportunity to view, appreciate and buy unique pieces of work.


Why did I paint this one of Burgh Island?

The iconic Art Deco Hotel which dominates Burgh Island was owned and managed for many years by Tony Porter and his wife Beatrice. Tony called it the Great White Palace and it has featured in many films and television dramas based on Agatha Christie novels.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve painted it, but this one, in the sky, I included a vapour trail to remind me of a flight from Gatwick to Malta a while back. For some reason, the pilot chose to go west before turning south. Seeing this spectacular coastline from the air was a magical experience.


Are there more views of Burgh Island for sale? Yes!

Most artists prefer the view as seen from Bigbury but here I have attempted to capture the subject as seen from Hope Cove.

The massive cliffs of the mainland give a dramatic backdrop, while the rocks in the foreground underline its isolation. And, the late afternoon sun turns the Great White Palace into a glorious white beacon.

It is an acrylic, mounted and framed, and costing £400.

That’s a lot of money …


Affordable art!

I also have various views of Burgh Island available as fine art greetings cards. If you purchase directly from Beacon House during the Arts Trail, they cost £2 each, or three for a fiver.

And, we have delicious cake … no charge!

Contemporary passions

Sketchbook notes: High Tide at Kingsbridge

Kingsbridge is situated at the northern end of the Kingsbridge Estuary and a steep road – Fore Street – climbs upwards to the church of St Edmunds whose 13th century tower dominates the sky line.


What inspired me to paint this view of Kingsbridge?

In High Tide at Kingsbridge, I’ve tried to capture the summer evening light as it softens the jumble of buildings. I scheduled this study for a high tide in the late afternoon, because the water surface dances with the strengthening shadows and fading reflections, and the warm glow of sunset will soon give way to electric lights.

At other states of the tides and at other times of the day, the view is completely different and provides a challenge – and the inspiration – to conjure more compositions of this scene.



High Tide at Kingsbridge is available as a fine art greetings card. My cards are stocked by  Bonningtons (the newsagents) and Salcombe Information Centre in Salcombe. Further afield, the full range is stocked by Malborough Post Office, and a selection from the range can be purchased from The Gallery Project at Avon Mill and at Noss Mayo, and in Bloomers, the florist in Kingsbridge.



This is one of the Sketchbook Notes, a series of posts explaining what inspired me to produce a particular painting.

If you own one of my paintings, or are just curious about an image, let me know; I’ll then write a blog post especially for you!