Salcombe Art Club Children’s Competition: Draw the Regatta 2016

Draw the Regatta is an Art Competition for children who are inspired by the regatta events. It’s a unique opportunity for younger generations to learn about Salcombe Art Club.


Who can enter the competition?

Local residents and visitors alike are welcome to take part, and it’s free!

The competition is divided into two age categories: children up to 7 years old, and children between 8 and 12 years old.


Are there prizes to win?

The drawings will be judged by a panel of Salcombe Art Club members.

There will be a Winner prize and a Runner up prize for each category.

The prizes will consist of Art materials.


How can you take part in the competition?

To participate, all children must collect an official sketching paper from the Salcombe Art Club, Victoria Quay, TQ8 8DA.

The club is opening hours are 11am to 5pm daily.


When is the deadline for entries for the competition?

The submission deadline is noon on Wednesday 3 August.


Then what happens?

The winners will be decided by 2pm on Wednesday 3 August.

All competition pictures will be displayed to the public until the end of the Regatta.

Prizes may be collected from the Club once the winners are revealed.



Salcombe Art Club comprises a mix of artists: some professional artists such as those who teach our classes but also many amateurs and some very new to drawing/painting. Everyone is welcome!

Membership of Salcombe Art Cub is not limited to those living in Salcombe. Anyone within striking distance is welcome to apply for membership, but it makes most sense for those who live near enough so as to benefit from the classes in the winter, and – if they intend to become exhibiting members – to fulfil their stewarding obligations during the summer.

Step 1 is to enrol as a Lay Member – that’s the first rung of the ladder! Then Salcombe Art club has three categories of membership.

  • Lay members (for a subscription of £12 per annum) may take part in workshops, courses and social activities and generally assist in supporting the club but may not exhibit, nor vote at the AGM.
  • Associate members (for a subscription of £17 per annum) may exhibit in the Little Studio section (but not the main gallery) of the Annual Summer Exhibition.
  • Full members (for a subscription of £27 per annum) may exhibit their works in the Annual Summer Exhibition when they are required to carry out their share of stewarding duties.

Cards galore – all in a good cause

This time next week, the Hope Cove Fundraising Day will be just starting.


When is the Hope Cove Fundraising Day?

12 noon until 3pm on Thursday 4 August



The Cottage Hotel, Hope Cove


WHAT WILL I BE selling?

My fine art greetings cards, including the one of Hope Cove (featured above)


How much are the cards?

My full range of fine art greetings cards will be on sale at £2 each or 3 for a fiver.

However, there are 52 cards, and my twirly display stand only holds 48. So I’ve decided not to stock four designs once the current supply runs out. These four designs will be on sale at Hope Cove Fundraising Day, at a special price.


Special offer? How much?

£1.25 each or 5 for a fiver

Choose from these four designs: Rose Dawn, Leaving Ditch End, Morning Drift and The Creek.

027 Rose Dawn 72dpiResizedSQUARE 006 LeavingDitchEnd72dpiResizedSquare 005 MorningDrift72dpiResizedSquare 009 TheCreek72dpiResizedSquare






For less than 1% of the sales price of an original painting, you can invest in a fine art greetings card.

Send it to a friend or frame it for yourself. Whistlefish sell frames that fit … about £10 each.

Going, going, gone! Sold …

In the past week, I’ve sold three paintings. Going, going, gone! Sold!

057 Sunlight on Avon River72dpiRESIZEDThe first was  Sunlight on Avon River, a watercolour, and one of the few of mine to be predominantly green.

There is water, as ever, but it’s not blue, and there’s no blue sky. And no sailing craft in sight … or seagulls …

This painting has graced the walls of Beacon House Gallery for some time now. Painted in 2012,  it will be missed.

113 Dawn at South Pool Creek72dpiRESIZEDThe second sale was Dawn at South Pool Creek, an acrylic painting of the view from my studio window.

It’s rare for me to be up so early. I am a night owl and enjoy sleeping late. However, my wife, Anne, is always up before dawn and, if it’s an especially beautiful one, she will wake me. I take photos and go back to bed, and she goes back to her computer.

Last but not least to be sold: Paddling at Burgh Island – a painting which captures one sunny day when Anne and I visited her friend, Sheila, and we walked across from her house to Burgh Island.

114 Paddling at Burgh Island72dpiRESIZED

Like many of my paintings, Dawn at South Pool Creek and Paddling at Burgh Island are available as fine art greetings cards.

When the original is not square, the card image is created by cropping – and you can be seen the difference between the two if you compare the featured image (far above) with that shown immediately above. I decided to focus on the two lady paddlers and the island and to lose some of the left-hand part of the image.



You may be surprised to know that 52 of the 127 original paintings I’ve created to date are available as a fine art greetings card.

For less than 1% of the sales price of an original, you can invest in a card. Send it to a friend or frame it for yourself. Whistlefish sell frames that fit… about £10 each.


Where can you buy my cards?

The complete range of cards is available at Malborough Post Office. View while you queue!

bloomers-florist-of-knigsbridge-shop-frontBonningtons (the newsagents) and Salcombe Information Centre are both a short walk from the Loft Studio and stock a range of cards.

Cards are also on sale at The Gallery Project (at Avon Mill and in Noss Mayo), and at Salcombe Yacht Club.

If you are visiting Kingsbridge, our newest stockist is Bloomers, the florists, 37 Fore Street (about half way up the hill!).